There been an innovator for as long as I

There was never any doubt that I would pick anything but Mechanical Engineering.

I am applying for engineering because I am curious about how things work and have a keen mind for applying what I learn to solve real-world problems. I have been fascinated by how things work and regularly dismantle R/C cars and other machines to find out the systems and electronics behind them. I want to study Mechanical engineering for the simple reason that it gives me the freedom to combine my passion in physics and solving mathematical problems with my high level of problem-solving skills and creativity. I believe that I am a good critical thinker and as a testament to that fact I was recently awarded the Cambridge Outstanding Learner Award for getting Highest Marks in the UAE in AS Level Thinking Skills. Due to this, I conducted a 2 hour workshop on October 19th for the teachers of my school on the topic “How to teach Critical thinking skills effectively”.

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During my AS-Levels, I took Mechanics 1 module in my math course. I particularly enjoyed these units as they allowed me to apply my theoretical knowledge to real-life situations which I found fascinating. I always learn best when I take a moment to visualize what is being said, and I regularly did this during my AS-Levels and IGCSE.

I have been an innovator for as long as I can remember, I regularly take display my projects in my school Exhibitions and am now selected for the Think Science Competition where I will compete with 800 other young innovators from the UAE. There, I will be displaying my one-of-a-kind Detector system which can accurately detect a child left alone in a car (using a CO2 sensor and heat sensor). I along with my team, made blueprints and designed the child detector system from scratch. We had discussions where we pitched in our ideas and then started working on the technical feasibility of the system and then finally designed the working prototype.

Last November during our school’s Carnival, I ran a charity games stall and collected a huge amount that later we donated to Red Crescent (a charity). This was something new and gave me a wonderful sense of achievement. Also, I am an avid sportsperson and I regularly play soccer and cricket and I am also selected in my school team for cricket. My other hobbies include quizzing, reading novels and my favourite genres are- mystery, science fiction and young adult. I am currently the President of my school’s Model United Nations Club.

During my senior years, I was the President of my school Eco Club for 2 years and during my tenure as President, I planned activities and strategies to make my school greener, organised activities along with my fellow eco club board members and conducted competitions amongst students to find out the most eco-friendly class. Working as a team and solving the disputes (on how things should be done) between the eco club board members gave me valuable negotiation skills and made me a more effective communicator. Due to these experiences, I might specialise in Sustainable technology or else in another field that I am interested, after completion of my bachelors in Mechanical Engineering

One reason why I believe my higher education should be in the UK is that research and innovation in the UK are of the highest quality. I am particularly looking forward to the practical work and problem-based learning that I will experience during my degree.  Also, I cannot pursue higher education in my home country- India in 2018 because my A-Level results come out in August 2018 and the universities there close admissions by May 2018 and they don’t accept predicted grades.

I earnestly believe I will be an asset to your institution due to the fact that I have a well-rounded education and got some valuable experiences under my belt that will stand in good stead for my university life.