The could effectively alter public opinion, for example the

The Globalization of “Fake News”

In the 20th centuries, technologies,
specifically the communication technology, plays a paramount role in shaping
the society. The internet based communication medias are without a doubt an
inseparable tool in people daily activities. Although beneficial, this
technological development has brought up a new controversial problem called
fake news- a set of purposely forged information. While some might argue that
the existence of fake news increase journalism awareness and garner social
media content awareness, the existence of fake news is gravely harmful.

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Even with government intervention and countermeasures
from search engine and social media, the role of fake news as a propaganda may
not be dismissed. According to Trend Micro, fake news from Russia had
successfully swayed the 2016 U.S presidential election. The false information
started from forged websites and fake social medias accounts , then bots with
automated accounts infected real users with many friends, resulting in a vast
widespread through response and messages. On the other hand, the fake account
which started the commotion remains undetected until now. Thus, by imposing
false claims from professionals, anonymous propagandists could easily alter
public opinions in a large scale.

Besides propaganda, fake news could be used as a
weapon against an individual. A research by Trend Micro suggests that the
person behind fake news often threaten or silence legitimate journalists with
the potential to dismiss the fake news. These fake informers could easily buy
the tools to discredit even the most credible author; they could acquire the necessaries
from the underground web market. After purchasing fake news and videos
unfavourable by the journalist and in turn farming million likes and visits, the
perpetrator can start slandering the journalist account and spreading the
rumors online. As a proof, in January 2018 Alberto Escorcia-
Mexican journalist-
claimed that a paid “troll gangs” had launched attack against her. Consequently,
around 3000 of daily tweets had been constantly hindered her from writing truthful

In summary, fake news widespread has become an
uncontrollable disease which haunts journalist and create public discord while
no effective solution is present at the moment. Hence, democracy and public
opinion is certainly at risk. If a group could effectively alter public opinion,
for example the U.S presidential election, then fake news could potentially
enable certain interest groups to shape the world arbitrarily.