The and renewing of tissues and organs. What we


fundamental purpose of the nutrition is to be able to grow and survive. Energy
which is provided by the nutrients is the basic necessity of the body. It is
essential for making and renewing of tissues and organs. What we eat is effects
every single mechanism in our body so nutrition is strongly related with
diseases. In fact, investigations show that the most important cause of
diseases is wrong nutrition.


First of all, we should be careful about
fat intake. Replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats will reduce the risk
of coroner artery diseases (F. B. Hu and Willett, 2002) by reducing serum LDL
level. In
addition, polyunsaturated fats can prevent ventricular arrhythmias. But
if we consume saturated fats, it will increase the risk of coroner artery diseases and cancer.

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Secondly, sugar intake can cause many diseases like Diabetes
Mellitus, obesity, fatty liver disease. Sugar contributes to the dietary glycemic load, which
exacerbates the metabolic syndrome and is related to the risk of diabetes and coroner artery diseases (F. B. Hu,
van Dam, and Liu 2001). We should prefer consume fruit
rather than juice because fruits have fibers which provide slow absorption for
fructose (fruit sugar). Juice is devoid of fibers. Without fibers, sugar will
absorb into blood quickly and that causes instability for blood sugar. Consuming fruits and vegetables has also other
advantages. Strong evidence indicates that high intakes of fruits and
vegetables will reduce the risk of coroner artery diseases and stroke (Conlin,


a result, avoiding ready-to-eat foods, unnatural foods, improper cooking
techniques and many other wrong eating habits may cause many diseases. There
are various types of diets for a healthy life such as veganism, vegetarianism,
ketogenic diet, alkaline diet etc. People who want to protect their health are
usually choose one of this diet types or develop their own nutrition style.