Social or competitions. E.g.: #VirginatBloom #plantdigitalatBloom #Virginmediagrowingeveryday Strategies: Older

Social media:
Bloom, launched in 2007 is ever
growing. As of January 2018, it has Twitter following of 12.5k with 8,459
posts, an Instagram following of 2,315 with 192 posts and 29,083 likes on
Facebook with 28,501 followers. Virgin Media has a chance to advertise on
these platforms both through posts and advertisement deals. In conjunction
with the festival, hashtags can be created to get people talking and used for
entry of giveaways or competitions. E.g.: #VirginatBloom #plantdigitalatBloom


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Older demographic:
For those not
as familiar with the use of social media and not always staring at screens,
there must be a way to reach them. 6 o’clock news and day time tv on Irish
channels are promising targets for television advertisement. Instead of a
regular Virgin Media promotional advert, I propose we appeal to more
senses-it is in conjunction with a flower show after all. With the
gardeners involved and prospective families attending, I propose we create
a story. An advertisement that takes us on a journey from picking flowers
to creating the short film to driving a truck to Phoenix Park. Let the ad
be journey, shown in snippets along the way, that viewers can feel a part
of right up until the day they get to the festival themselves. By the end
when it can all the put together, air the full version either at the event
(in our very own cinema pods) and even after on YouTube or before films
shown on Virgin TV etc.

Advertisements in sidebars or
before videos can be set up. Short clips can be made when through the
development of the project to be shown at Bloom. These clips could show the
team working together on the short films or the stacks or 400 pads coming
and going while being programmed. These could be done in either time lapse
form and backed with appropriate music to get into the spirit of Bloom.
These would advertise Virgin Media’s appearance at Bloom and what people
must look forward to but also advertise one of Virgin Media’s key
values…the happiness and sustainability of their employees.
For a price,
and advertisement deal can be made with Google search or YouTube to show
these videos when people search certain words i.e. festival, summer, June
bank holiday, Bloom and so on. The videos must capture the viewer in the
first 5-10 seconds.

Of course, newspaper advertisements
won’t go amiss to the older demographic also. Not only will they be encouraged
to attend Bloom or be informed about offers Virgin Media has on, but they can
see that the two will be connected and what to look out for.

Once we get
people to the event, it is imperative that we deliver. The aim is to have
people leaving with the belief that they can carry the freshness of the day
with them. The idea of HD viewing, superfast broadband and so much more must
begin from the moment it first captures the audience attention at home, at work
or on the go and continue confidently through the event and long after.