Professional chair person makes the decision weather he can


Professional careers and trade careers have professional bodies appointed to manage their interest. These professional bodies are non profit and seek to improve individuals in the industry  and public interest. Its important to note each profession or skilled trade have professional bodie that is relevant to them.


If member of the industry or public industry has complaint their issues are forwarded to the  specific  bodies. The rank from solicitors, teacher to accountants and everything in between.

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2. Complaint procedures can differentiate from professional bodies to professional bodies. In terms of investigation and penalties.  For example the teachers professional bodies complaint procedures is complicated. It’s very serious as complaints must meet certain criterias to be investigated.


Complaints against teachers go through five stages. For a complaint to be formally investigated by the board of management. There has to be written latter signed by the parent or the guardian of the pupil.


Stage one of this procedure is straight forward. The parent/guardian are advised to resolve the issue with teacher. If the problems isn’t resolved and there is no definite conclusion. The principal of the school is than asked to resolve the problem. Usually the issues is resolved at this stage but if the issue is not yet handeled its takin up the chair person of the board of management.


The parent/guardian are asked if they want to pursue the matter further. They lodge writing later to the chairperson to act as intermediate. After the written later the chair person seek to resolve the issue with in 5 days between the school and the parent.


At stage 3 if the complaint isn’t resolved informally. The chair person makes the decision weather he can come to judgment or need to be taken to the next stage. If that’s the case the teacher is made aware that the investigation is going to the next level.


At stage four the teacher is asked to subit written latter to the board stating their case. The teacher has formal meeting with the board. If they wish they can bring assistance or a friend. The complainant is given the same privileges. After they present their cases the board does further invisitagion and movies to the finel stage.


The board do their further investigation.  The chairperson conveys the decision in written later a