Part customer’s life when they get access to our

Part A – Individual Assignment: Individual Written Report

a)      Summary/ explanation of my proposed business

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i)                   The business model at my tuition business is subscription business model. It defined as a  business where customers charged a subscription fee to gain access to a service. Subscription businesses have adapted to mobile far faster and ahead of other retailers and that facilitates the growth of subscription industry. The rationale for this business model is to ensure tuition fees paid before the students get tuition service from our tuition center. There are many advantages of using subscription business model for a tuition business. Firstly, we likely can have much closer idea on our monthly profit when we use this subscription business model. Moreover, this business model leads to a faster feedback loop. Where, when customers buy every month, they soon tell us the issues, which means we can remove problems quicker and in turn create a better service that may both attract more customers, and mean your existing customers stick around longer. Furthermore, we will be a part of the customer’s life when they get access to our service frequently, they can help us to amplify our tuition center name via word of mouth and social media.

ii)                 Our tuition business will be running in various locations of Singapore such as Woodlands East, Yishun West, Tampines East, Simei, Sengkang Town Centre, Boon Lay Place. According to the report of Population Trends 2017 by Department of Statistics, Singapore, these locations identified as areas with the population larger than 50,000 people. We believe that we have higher chances to get more students access to our tuition service since the tuition center operates in these large populated areas.


b)      i)          People are important resource to ensure the success of my business. I had   

identified the role of subject coordinator as a possible supervisory role in my new setup. The following are the Job Description which indicates the tasks, duties and responsibilities of the subject coordinator in our tuition centre. Firstly, responsible for the coordination subject throughout the school. liaise with other members of staff over matters of  advice, resources, method and planning involved in the teaching of the subject. coordinate and plan the ordering, development and management of resources relating to the subject.  manage, when appropriate, a budget of money to be used in the efficient and effective acquisition of resources for the subject. To keep informed about developments in the subject, in terms of statutory requirements and the range of good practice available. ensure that resources kept for the teaching of their area of the curriculum are maintained in an orderly and accessible manner.

The following are the Job Specification which shows the knowledge, skills and abilities a subject coordinator needs to perform the job satisfactorily. Diploma/ Bachelors in Education. Good in communicating with tuition centre team and students. Leadership skills. minimum 3 years of teaching experience in  specified subject.

iii)               Key challenges faced by our tuition organisation also have an impact on our newly appointed supervisor, Subject Coordinator. Firstly, our subject coordinator will likely face challenges in the aspect of workforce diversity. Secondly, our subject coordinator more closer to face challenges in the aspect of technology transfer advances.


c)      The one other position I need to recruit for my tuition business is tutor. Attracting top-notch talent is the key to continuing to deliver superior returns for our investors, says John Howe – a Canadian Book Illustrator. So, finding candidates from the most suitable source is the first step ahead to identify top-notch talent. Since our tuition business hasn’t get operated before, we wouldn’t recruit employees from within our organisation. Thus, we have to use external recruitment source to look for a suitable candidate for the art teacher position.

According to Sandra Yeo (2017), there are close to 1000 tuition or enrichment centres in Singapore. And the top 10 tuition centres in Singapore are successful with the support from their talented tutors (epigami). So, we preferably will look for candidates from our competitive tuition centres or other tuition centres. This is because, recent experience is highly desired. We look for employees who have been trained by larger organisations that have the necessary developmental resources. They’ve undoubtedly mastered essential teaching skills, worked in the real world of education, specialist in specific subject as an advantage for our organisation regardless of service offering.



A Teacher Education Model for the

21st Century

A Report by the National Institute of Education, Singapore

Effective teaching isn’t about how much they know, it’s how well they transform what they know in a way that makes it accessible to learners, and how well they are able to adapt their teaching to the individual needs of their students. As described earlier, developing these skills is where most emphasis is placed during teacher training in NIE, Singapore.