(Diana IQ test witch short of intelligence Quotient meaning


(Diana W Schofield, 2016).

Refer to short of intelligence quotation IQ person with mild level scores 55-70 of their memory. Moreover, individuals with mild ID are in risk because of serval problem such as; health issues, academically behind and difficult daily life responsibility (Herps, 2016).

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Type of disability (mild):



2.            Having problem on their health.

1.            Physical they are late growth for example (walking and smiling).  

E. Physical


   3. Poor in written.

2. Difficulties to learn new vocabulary.

1. Lattes to start speech.

D.    Communication


3. Difficulty to communicate and making friends.

2. Deficits to manage how to teak care by them self, dressing, eating, and eating.

1. Low self-confidence and motivation.

C.    Behaviour 


3.    late in different subject such as (writing, reading, math, science).

2.    their skills behind the grade level

1.     Low academic to successes.

B.     Academic 


3.    Control and focuses on their memory and how-to creativity.

2.    Low performance in spoken.

1.     Having difficulties Learning and moving.


A.    Intellectual

There are four aria of challenges ID such as:

The challenges or characteristic:



3.     Practical skills: self-care, home active, how to use money/phones at the work or home (Herbert & Grossman, 2009).

2.     Societal skills: personal skills, self-respect, follow rules, and social responsibility.

1.      Conceptual skills: knowledge, language, join to communication, skill, and self-path.

•       Adaptive behaviour contains:

•       Intellectual function measure by IQ test witch short of intelligence Quotient meaning (a short and long term of memory

•       Intellectual functioning is a mental abilities for instance:  learning, reasonable to think, and solving problem.  


•       In 2010 Mental Retardation (MR) has been changed to Intellectual Disability (ID) (Smith, 2006).