Demographics manager using Facebook to advertise your business is


Social media
demographics gives me better idea of your follower base before I plan any
segmentation strategies. In the social media commerce, business audience
demographics can change in what seems like overnight as the challenge is to
reach new audience. An easy way to do this by starting a free trail of “Sprout Social”
(page 12), where I can easy pull gender, age and location data of your own
social audiences. Doing the free trail will give me an idea about how Sprout Social
works. Bunzl’s target audience are people between the ages 21 to 60+ both
gender as this more-likely the ages people would be running a business. Bunzl’s
target audience can be anywhere in the world as Bunzl can be found in most
countries around the world.

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 Mostly, as the social media manager, I’m going
to be looking at and using the social networking site called Facebook. Facebook
is one the biggest social media network worldwide although Facebook has over
2.01 billion monthly active users as of June 30, 20171.  On the contrary, Facebook have many functions
available to use for a range of reasons e.g. showcase brand, customer services
or increasing digital exposure etc.  


The main advantage
for me as a social media manager using Facebook to advertise your business is
that Facebook allows me to use the “Facebook business2”
features to advertise the business. Facebook business feature will accommodate
me to choose where I want to run the advert, either on Facebook, Instagram, or
the apps and websites in audience network or across all of them. Additionally,
I can choose to run adverts on certain mobile devices to showcase brand. Once
the advertisement is running, I can keep track performance and edit my campaign
in Facebook adverts manager, power editor or business manager, within these
tools I can see if one version of the advert is working better than another, or
if the advert isn’t being delivered efficiently, and adjust accordingly. As a
social media manager, I can target adverts to people based on how and when they
engaged, and create an experience that is relevant to where they are in the
process of investigating our services. Facebook business manager, advert
interface is better than any other advertising platform on social media.

Working beside Facebook to make brand
awareness will accommodate Bunzl Distribution:


Providing customers support – can respond
quickly to queries and resolve problems fast as well as this increases customer
satisfaction and help developing personal relationships with them, promoting
brand loyalty.


Awareness with the help of Facebook likes –
liking and sharing are excellent tool for Bunzl in achieving multi-level
marketing as people will receive updates made by Bunzl and even their friends
will be able to see them and get directed towards the page, which lead to
attracting new customers.


Targeted advertising – Facebook advertising
allows me to target very specific demographics, based on location, age, gender
and interests.


Monitor and improve – Using data from your
Facebook pages to understand what content works best and plan.


Brand awareness –
Facebook is one of the largest social media network in the world. Your business
presence will help you gain exposure to potential customers



While Facebook can
deliver plenty of benefits, it is important for you to be aware of the
potential downsides:

Budget – To make the most of Facebook, I
will probably need to invest in paid- for advertising. This will require its
own budget.

feedback- The two-way communication nature of Facebook means that unhappy
customers can voice their complaints in a very public way as it is important to
handle these complaints well as the response will be under inspection from the
business audience. Furthermore, business should never delete genuine negative
comments as it could be used to advance the business, so it’s more competent.

Skills – The staff member who manages your Facebook page may need
training to ensure they have the right skills. They should be able to plan and
create content, respond to enquiries and complaints, and effectively represent
your business.

Time and resources
– Setting up and running a Facebook page requires a time investment. A business
need a member of staff who can take on social media duties and have enough time
to manage well and create engaging content.


Twitter is one of
the most widely used social media tools in the world although Twitter has over
328 million monthly active users as of September 20173.
On the other hand, Twitter have features that a social media manager can use to
promote your business and have many functions available to use for a range of
reasons e.g. showcase brand, customer services or increasing digital exposure


The main advantage
of using Twitter for advertising is that Twitter allows social media manager to
use the “Twitter Ads campaigns4”
features to advertise the business. The Twitter Ads campaigns will accommodate
your business to: reach potential customers – get your message in front of
people not yet following you by promoting your tweets and gain more followers –
grow your community of high value followers and drive word of mouth by
promoting your account. In addition, you can reach the right audience by
targeting based on interests, geography, gender, device or users like your
followers and maximize the relevancy of your message by targeting by keywords
in people’s tweets e.g. # hashtags. On the contrary, I will amplify your
message and get discovered – getting your tweets and your account in front of
more people who are interested in your businesses services. As social media manager
I will also recommenced you using twitter to promote your business although
with Twitter Ads, I can get even more likes, intensify your message and get
more people talking about your business services. Besides, 38% of people are
more likely to post opinions about products/services on Twitter and 41% of
people on Twitter purchased products or signed up after exposure to an ad in
the last 30 days.

There are many
advantages of using Twitter to promote your business:

Reach a wide
audience – Twitter has a large user base, which could include your potential
customers. Using hashtags can help me reach an audience interested in a topic
or in a location.

Deliver customers
service – The platform allows direct two-way communication with your customers.
Because it’s public interaction, if I do it well it shows your business in a
positive light

Brand awareness –
Being on Twitter can help communicate your brand attitude and personality. This
should help your business appeal to your target audience.

Feedback – Twitter
can be useful resource for gathering feedback from customers.

Cost – it is free
of charge to set up a twitter account. While paid ads are available, many businesses
see benefits from posts and interactions.


It’s important for you to be aware of the
hindrances of using Twitter for promoting your business:


Resources – Maintaining a presence on
Twitter requires a time commitment. It’s also important that the staff looking
after the account have the right skills and training.

Negative criticism
– A twitter presence creates the possibility of customers complaining publicly
about products or service. Negative comments can reflect badly on your
business, however dealing with complaints well can have a positive impact on
your reputation.

Time sensitive –
Unless I tweet at the right time, when your followers are online, your tweets
could easily be missed.

Limitations – You
are restricted by Twitter’s 140-character limit as it can take time to learn
how to communicate effectively with brevity.


Instagram is one of the most
widely used social media tools in the world although the number of monthly
active Instagram users as of September 2017 had reached 800 million5
monthly active users. Instagram have features that a social media manager can
use to promote your business and have many functions available to use for a
range of reasons e.g. brand awareness, customer services or increasing digital
exposure etc. On the contrary, people to Instagram to be inspired and discover
things they care about, which includes content from brands and business
although they are 15 million business profiles and 2 million advertisers
worldwide use Instagram to share their stories and drive business results.




The main advantage
of using Instagram as social media manager is that Instagram have the same system
as Facebook and Twitter, but it’s called “Instagram business”. Instagram
business is also connected to Facebook business system where it allows me to
use Facebook features or functions to promote your business on both social
media or on Instagram. Using Instagram business, I will get recognised as a
business – make your account on Instagram a business account to get insights
about your stories, posts and followers and with  a business account I can get real-time
metrics on how your stories and promoted posts perform throughout the day, I
will get insights into your followers and how they interact with your posts
about stories and you can add information about your company, such as what
services you have, location, opening hours and how to get in contact.

Using Instagram to
promote your business here are some other advantages of using Instagram

Connect with
customers across multiple channels – using Instagram on your site allows me to
connect with customers across multiple channels and increase cross-channel
engagement e.g. display photos from your Instagram account on your website.

Attract engaged
traffic (build a community that comes back time and time again) – using
Instagram pictures is that traffic that comes from these photos is
supper-engaged as Instagram drives more engaged traffic than any other social

Instagram photos
build trust – Instagram photos are created by customers and curated by brands.
These customers create Instagram pictures convert because they build customers
trust in potential shopper’s online shopping experience as it influences
shopper’s purchase decisions.


It’s important for you to be aware of the
difficulties of using Instagram for promoting your business:


Images – I need to
be very mindful of the images I post because it’s the image that will attract
followers as people that follow you skip your page in their feed and not read
the messages in your description.

Mobile – Instagram
is only an iPhone and Android app. If I have Windows mobile, Blackberry or Linux
it won’t work as that means I won’t be reaching all your target audience.

Markets – Instagram
is more difficult to target local markets compared to Facebook or Twitter, it is
better suited for marketing to opening worldwide.