Dear with a great margin. My work experience and

Dear Sir/Madam,

am applying for Masters in Software
Technology at your university. I have done bachelor in Computer Science
with CGPA 3.16.  During the bachelor
education, I studied over 195 ECTS in Computer science. I have more than two years’
experience in Object Oriented Programming.
I am a former software developer in Intelliscence Software house as a team
leader. Currently, I am working as a software developer in Health Information
and Service Delivery Unit (Punjab Government).

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my bachelor’s education at the University of Gujrat, I awarded the guard of honor by Chief Minister of Punjab
in recognition of my excellent academic performance and awarded by laptop under
the Shahbaz Sharif  Youth Initiative. Because of enthusiastic
work, my name was written
on the honor board in university.
I  have attended a workshop (HACKTRIX) on
networking in Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute and awarded with the certificate. I
also served as a teacher assistant
for one year of Object Oriented Programming. The language of instruction was English
throughout my bachelor education.

academic qualities, I have served my country as a social worker. I have given my services to Students’ Management
Society, in collaboration with Higher Education Commission, that has a goal to
raise fund for the needy students.  I
have the ability to work in any environment to set deadlines, controlling a
team, assigning tasks and motivating them to achieve deadlines.I have
analytical and problem-solving skills. I can work in MS Visual Studio, SQL Server,
Microsoft office, JIRA, Bitbucket, and Mentis. Because of these interpersonal
and technical skills and abilities I have an excellence experience in my field
as a software developer and team leader. I developed a desktop application “Hospital Management System” as final year
project. Apart from this project, I developed projects including Medicine
Surveillance system,
Prescription Management Information System, AMCQbank, M3LOGI, Horizontal Dental Lab, GettingGifgty, Prepengo, Bug
Tracking System,
Hospital Management Information System. I have hands-on experience of C#,
ASP.Net (MVC), ASP Core, ASP Identity, SignalR, Entity framework, AngularJS, JQuery,
Bootstrap, SQL server and Web API.

fulfill the program specific requirements with a great margin. My work
experience and courses that I have studied are not only in accordance with my
career goal but also with the prerequisites for this program. This program
ideally matches with my professional interest, prior knowledge, and market
demand and this is one of the prime reason to apply for this program. This
program will not only impact a sound education in latest technologies but will
also push me ahead in the computing world. My intention, my dreams, my goals
are clear, and I look forward to becoming an excellent software engineer with
software giants. I am sure a good education, infrastructure, and opportunities
that come in my way, will help to get my goals. I have always tried my best to get
an optimized and unconventional solution to build a rising success. With all of
my experience listed, I am in search of bringing my career to the next level.

hold prior knowledge, innovative skills and a definite goal and your university
have extensive research opportunities, developed facility, and innovative
environment. With this perfect blend of opportunities, I am confident enough
that I will emerge as a responsible and innovative software engineer. It will be
my honor and the great achievement if I can win your confidence.

would like to thank you for giving me an opportunity to express myself.